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AT HOME with Byron Katie • The Work of Byron Katie® Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

My client and her daughter are terrified as her two-year-old granddaughter, having swallowed a quarter, is choking on it. As her granddaughter’s eyes roll back in her head, she finally goes limp, and my client thinks, “We’re Losing Her!”
See her terrifying thoughts below:
  1. I am terrified of what is happening to her because “if we lose her, the pain will be unbearable.
  2. I want her to keep living and be available for this love I feel for her.
  3. She should not leave us, should not devastate us, should stop choking, and should start breathing.
  4. To be happy, I need her to live.
  5. She is going to die. She won’t be available to experience my love. She’s not going to live a full life as she should.
  6. I don’t ever want her to die before I do.
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