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AT HOME with Byron Katie • The Work of Byron Katie® Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

My client, Monica, is terrified for her adult daughter, who is taking prescribed meds. Monica and her entire family are all moving through a very difficult situation as a family unit. I have included Monica’s Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet below for those of you who want to follow the thoughts above on Monica’s Worksheet that are causing her suffering.
1. My daughter shouldn't take medication. She should handle life without medical help.
2. I want my daughter to go through life without any medications.
3. She should go through life without meds and use a strong inside.
4. I need her to go through life the strong way that I did.
5. She is weak, lost, addicted, lost her mind, and can be even worse than she is now.
6. I don't ever want to see my daughter so depressed and taking medication.
You can download your own Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on And now, with or without your own Worksheet, I invite you to close your eyes, get still, follow along, and notice as you begin to realize your own discoveries as Monica and I question the cause of her suffering and how to end it. Welcome to the “At Home with Byron Katie” podcast and Let’s do The Work!
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